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In this house, your house, our house, there are ⭐ `s (plural) everywhere. Hidden in the corners and attentive every day to the details that make your stay and service a special moment, a special moment. #ExperienciaAZ

THANKS to our #AZFamily and our Guests & Clients we have been awarded moments to remember (many) and two awards that make us proud.... 

Our #AZstaff deserves as much as any other ⭐ your ACKNOWLEDGMENT 

Adriana and Arelis lead the team of FLOOR WAITERSmusic, hard work and camaraderie are their magical concoctions. They represent the great pillars of this house and the ones that deserve the greatest of the  🌊 `s

Eva she is determined and constant, she takes care of the administration day by day, and do not forget to give her any invoice. 🧐

Ana, Vic and Nat found a great passion among our corridors and make up the RECEPTIONIST team with their empathy, their continuous effort and the most amusing playfulness. And at night, Luis takes care of our guests with the kindness that makes him so special. 

Fermin, maintains our facilities with care and attention to detail, but he never forgets to carry a ready smile along with his tools. 

Patxi, "the CHEF" and Joaco are working to make our AZCafé/Restó to be that space where to live an AmaZing Moment. Every day is a challenge, so from very early in the morning until the last hour of every night our team works to grow and improve. In the kitchen led by Patxi: Feli, Dino, Hori y Teo put their pinch of salt and thyme (or the spices they like the most) and in the dining room, leaded by Joaco: Johana, Lore, Ana, Willy, JK, Victor and our dear mami KhryThey strive to serve you with joy and as efficiently as possible.

But let's not forget our Marketing and IT team that with their creative spirit and special aesthetic sense, present us to the world portrayed in our unique colors and shades... Joel our PHOTOGRAPHER/VIDEOGRAPHER and Alexis our IT TECHNICIAN, make magic behind the lens and/or with a computer in hand.


Joel Pellicanó

Maria Sanduran

Alexis Perez

Brunela Curcio

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

Programming and maintenance

Texts & Web Design

Joel Pellicanó - Photos and videos

Maria Sanduran - Photos and Videos

Alexis Pérez - Programming and maintenance

Brunela Curcio - Texts & Web Design



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