Arena Zone Hotel is a new concept of urban hotel characterized by five main pillars: close treatment, personalization, digitalization, functionality and sustainability.

We define ourselves by a minimalist design, fast and agile check in and check out management and implementation of state-of-the-art technology that speeds up bureaucratic processes in order to focus on the person.

We focus our efforts on quality service where the priority is the experience of our biggest stars: our guests. That is why we like to define ourselves as a 73% hotel. ⭐one for each potential guest.


We are an urban hotel that, just like the hotels themselves ⭐was born in the midst of the nebula. Against all odds, we opened our doors at the end of May 2021 in the midst of the global pandemic crisis.

The philosophy of this project is evolving day by day. It is the human factor which, through relationships, creativity, respect for others and for the environment, shapes our identity.

Our main strength is given by the value of the people who make up the #FamiliaAZ and the peculiarities of each of the individuals who choose us to stay or to be their comfort zone and meeting place.


Our service carries by flag (a big orange one) the joy of pleasure in what we do. The peculiarity of each of the members of the #FamiliaAZ makes this house, ours, a place where you feel comfortable, cared for and why not a little pampered from time to time.

Our staff, a fundamental part of this house, is the added value of Arena Zone. From the management we believe that enhancing the uniqueness of each of our AZetas enriches your magical moment as a guest.

Your space where you can be a ⭐ takes place on the map and it is the same one where our own ⭐ are prepared every day to welcome you. The reason does not belong to anyone but the one who has it, so guests and staff, we share this little place where we enrich each other because at the end of the day #SOMOSAZ